USC Triathlon

    Believe it or not, the prestigious, critically acclaimed USC Triathlon Team was not always the incubator of world-class triathletic talent that it is today.  In fact, before a 100-member team was even worth considering, when the collection of USC Ironmen had just begun to accumulate, and when the team’s current imposing social reputation within the West Coast Collegiate Triathlon Conference was but a distant ideal upon the horizon of time, the USC Triathlon Team was comprised of nothing more than one coach, three athletes, and a dream.  These are the people whose determination, talent, and unwavering will to bring the noble sport of triathlon to the University of Southern California campus resulted in the dominant team we all know and love today.  It is these four athletes, and those who came after them, that we have to thank to everything.

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Schedule for Week of August 29

Happy Tuesday! Get stoked for another awesome week of triathlon-oriented activities. Here’s the plan for this week (NOTE: it’s a little different than the original schedule):

-Info meeting, 6pm in Lyon Center Cardinal Room (if you missed the last one because of rush or something, this is a good chance to come learn about the team and ask questions!)
-SCAVENGER HUNT, 7PM. Winners get prizes. Please RSVP to if you are coming so that we can make teams. 

THURSDAY: Easy run from the Lyon Center, 6pm. 

FRIDAY: Swim at the Lyon Center at 12.

After this week, we’ll be starting up our regular practice schedule. 
Have a great day!
President Michelle Sirois